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Roli Seaboard Rise

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New Guitar Amp Being Built

I’m currently working on completing a prototype for a new guitar amplifier. It will be a two tube design with solid state rectification and put out about 12 watts of power – ideal for home practice, studio, and small gigs. However, it’s clean tone will be above and beyond what you typically find in the industry. It’ll be tuned for the NOS Mullard EL37 power tube (my absolute favorite and ultimate 6L6 substitute) and a NOS GE VT-229. The EL37 is something else.

Yes, you’ll be able to use a new production 6L6GT but . . . why not try something that will literally “blow you away” while you can still find one. They’re rare and expensive but still out there. They draw 1.4 amps rather than the typical .9 amps of a 6L6 and hence the reason to design an amp specifically for the EL37 – to touch on it’s ideal operating specs. Wait a few years, and they’ll be totally gone. Stay tuned!!!

Vinnie Rossi LIO

Patent-pending Ultracapacitor Power Supply . . . Extremely Unique Modular Design . . . Incredible Sound Quality . . . Eliminates Expensive Cables & Power Conditioning . . . the Savings Helps to Pay For the LIO! Any Serious Audiophile Should Consider Purchasing a Vinnie Rossi LIO to Make Audio Both Simple While Immensely Satisfying. Contact Me for a free consultation!

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Vinnie Rossi LIO

Harbeth Speakers

The ultimate match for the Vinnie Rossi LIO as well as most other high quality audio components. Amazing sound quality. I’m truly impressed. My Favorite? The Super HL5 plus! Contact Me to learn more.

Vinnie Rossi LIO & Harbeth

Vinnie Rossi LIO System

I’m recommending three specific systems that are built around the LIO and a specific Harbeth speaker. Each of these 3 speakers has a unique role to fill and each is in a different price range. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced audiophile, the Vinnie Rossi LIO and a pair of Harbeth speakers provides the very best sound quality for the money invested. Check this section out to learn more about each of these 3 audio systems.

NOS Tubes for LIO

A wide variety of audio tubes are available for fine tuning the Vinnie Rossi LIO and a few other select systems. All tubes are tested and matched using an Amplitrex AT1000 tester – the best new production tester available today! Contact Me to learn more about tube rolling options for the LIO.

Vinnie Rossi LIO Tubes

Who is the “I” in Aum Acoustics?

Vinnie Rossi LIO Dealer

My name is Richard Becker and I’m the sole owner of Aum Acoustics. I only represent products that I use myself. I’m very focused in my recommendations and have substantial expertise in their use and optimum setup.

I’m also an OEM and have been building power amplifiers, preamplifiers, power supplies, custom speakers of all types and various cables and audio accessories.

It isn’t often that an audio component comes along that changes the rules for assembling a high-end system that ends up being a superior solution and substantial value.

The Vinnie Rossi LIO provides the foundation for improvement in audio quality and system simplification. It is so good that it has caused me to replace my entire reference quality audio system (custom 2A3 amp, Rethm speakers, etc) and has completely changed both my business and personal listening directions.

Yes, I still build my 2A3 statement quality tube amplifiers and yes, I still build my reference quality LDR based preamplifier but I only will accept custom orders for both of these time intensive components.

Check Out My 2A3 Amp Build



Check Out My LDR Based Custom Preamplifier

Their cost for an end user is very high and this also is a very rarified and small market. Parts cost alone for the 2A3 amp is $5,000 and it’s tube cost is well over $1,000. These costs do not include my charge for labor.

I’d rather offer the Vinnie Rossi LIO paired with Harbeth speakers to help more people obtain extremely high quality music playback for their personal enjoyment. In the same amount of time that it would require to build one system of my own I could easily help maybe 10 people obtain the LIO/Harbeth solution. I serve more people and that is what has motivated me to become a dealer for the LIO and for Harbeth speakers.

Vinnie Rossi LIO
My Aum Acoustics 2A3 Amp, Aum Acoustics LDR Volume Control & PS, Metrum Pavane DAC

To demonstrate that I share these concepts from experience and do know what I’m talking about, here are two web pages that I’ve pulled out of my old website and have re-created here so you can see what my OEM capabilities really are. You’ll find that I’m anal about proper build quality and detail and always am seeking to rise to the level of the best of the best.

Aum Acoustics Statement Quality 4 w/ch 2A3 Tube Power Amplifier

Aum Acoustics Reference Quality LDR Based Preamplifier

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