This Might Be One Of The Best Audio Listening Systems You Can Buy!

The most incedible audio system you’ll ever find!

Check out the video below. It covers what I’ve discovered during the many decades I’ve spent trying to find this beautiful system. I’ve finally uncovered a “lifetime ownership” heirloom audio system that can also interest almost anyone in your family. And they can pick it up!

No one piece is heavier than the power amp. The 300B tube amp that I recommend weighs 43 lbs. The Bricasti M3 DAC weighs 10 lbs. Each OGY weighs 18.96 lbs. And each BOB is 24.25 lbs. All items meet my 40 lb max weight per component, with the 300B amp almost there. If you use a 2nd Class D amp (with volume control), its weight should be well under 20 lbs.

The Incredible Sounding Single Driver OGY Speaker Sitting On Top Of Two BOB 12″ Open Baffle Bass Drivers Per Side

I’ve been searching for this audio system for many decades. I’m both an OEM and an audio reseller. I’ve set this system up for demo purposes in Boston, MA, and can sell any items I mention. Let me know if you might be interested. The prices posted are standard reseller rates. I can do better if you work with me. The WAF factor with this system is excellent if you acquire the OGYs first.

1. A Low-Cost Beginning Option

Start with a pair of OGY Corian-clad bookshelf speakers on inexpensive stands. This can be an end-game setup or part of an optional BOB setup if you take time accumulating additional components or have the money to spend upfront to do this all at once. Each OGY measures 5.31″ wide x 12.05″ deep x 12.28″ tall and weighs 18.96 lbs for each cabinet. It’s tiny!

2. Purchase A Bricasti M3 DAC When You Can Afford It

Add the Bricasti M3 DAC for volume control, remote operation, and network card (RJ45) capability, and you’ll have one of the most excellent sound qualities you’ll ever hear. This is a serious value even though it might appear expensive initially. It isn’t! Your source is the most important component, and your speakers will play only what your source can provide. For what you get in sound quality, it’s not expensive!

You can start with any DAC you like, but this Bricasti DAC is extremely special and will blow anything close to its price out of the water. In my opinion, your source is where you first spend extra money beyond acquiring your OGY speakers.

3. Purchase an excellent-sounding 300B tube amp for the OGYs. This is your tuning device, so select it carefully! I can help you with this selection since I built my own 300B tube amp to power these speakers exceptionally well.

3. Add 4 BOBs (2 BOBs per side) and a 2nd Class D amp (As You Can Afford it)

If you like bass (4 in total), two BOBs become stands for each OGY, and you will have one of the finest-sounding audio systems you can build. The total sensitivity is 91-92db with an 8 ohm easy-to-drive load.

You will need a low-cost, volume-controlled Class D amp for the 2nd amp while using the 300B integrated tube amp for the OGYs.

The total floor space needed is 15.75″ wide x 13.78″ deep. Two stacked BOBs provide a stand on which you can place each OGY. Three BOBs can be used for huge rooms (stacked). If you do that, put the OGYs on speaker stands next to the BOBs. Each BOB weighs only 24.25 lbs since there is no internal power amp.

You can creep into this optional system one component at a time without purchasing it all at once . . . and without having to sell or give up anything.

Build One Of The Best Sounding Audio Systems

1. Closer Acoustics OGY Speaker Pair

I would recommend either the black or white Corian-clad OGYs since they don’t cost much more than the wood-veneered OGYs, and by purchasing the Corian-clad models, you will obtain the absolute best sound quality.

2. Bricasti M3 DAC With Network Card & Remote Control Volume

Bricasti M3 DAC For Your Source

This is an easy purchase since you will receive a world-class DAC, a transparent remote volume control, and one of the best network audio streaming solutions that money can buy. The $1,000 optional streamer inside this DAC will keep up with a $20,000 Innous statement streamer, and that alone is worth more than the M3’s cost.

3. Purchase a 300B Tube Power Amp For The OGYs

I’ve built my own 300B tube amp to power the OGYs, which I use to check out various design alternatives. You can purchase a commercial 300B amp and accomplish close to the same thing, and you don’t need to change anything.

As a dealer, I represent the Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300B amplifier (amongst others that I like at different price points) and sell it. I find this amp in the middle of good high-end 300B amps, and its price isn’t too high. Plus, it’s a good size and doesn’t weigh too much. It’s not the most expensive 300B amp you can purchase, but it is not the least costly (stay away from cheap ones if you want excellent sound quality).

A good 300B amp can be afforded even by those who need to save up for this purchase, and it is not unobtainable. This is one of the 300B amps to pair with the OGY speakers. These speakers are transparent, and a good 300B tube amplifier provides the desired body depth and detail that you should have.

Here are a few views of this amp, and an optional tube cage can be purchased if you desire to help keep tiny fingers away from the hot tubes (16.54″ wide x 14.96″ deep x 7.87″ high and weight = 43lbs).

The Fezz 300B amp is made in Poland by Toroidy, a toroid transformer builder and supplier. Fezz is a finished amp division of that company and is the 300B amp I recommend if you want good 300B sound quality without spending too much. Spending more money is now optional, even though I’ve upgraded the 300B tubes on my amp to the $1,500 pair of new production Western Electric 300B tubes on my unit. Do you need to? No. Can you? Absolutely!

What Does The Fezz Mera Ceti 300B Cost?

It comes complete with all tubes at $4,495!

I enjoy fine-tuning this system and am bi-amping my audio system to obtain the best sound quality possible for the money spent. You are doing well; however, if you use just a pair of OGY speakers on stands and a good 300B amp. You can quit right there. The bass might be light, but it does extend down to 40 Hz, and consequently, you can use this system as a superb, reasonably priced audio system that you will enjoy.

Can You Use A Lower Cost 300B Amp?

Yes, you can, but you won’t have the ultimate quality the Fezz amp provides, and you’ll hear the difference. However, if you don’t have the money and want to get started, there are many low-cost 300B amps. When you have enough, however, upgrading to the Mera Ceti 300B amp makes excellent sense. Go even higher, and I’ll provide recommendations for that high-end 300B system later on.

Initially, forget the amps, which cost much more since they can be too transparent with the OGY/BOB system. System integration is vital, and I will gladly do that for you. The Fezz Mera Ceti 300B amp is perfect for powering the OGY speakers and is my reasonable cost recommendation. If you want to upgrade this amp, you only need to purchase a $1,500 pair of Western Electric new production 300B tubes, and you’ll have a sound quality that is 2nd to none. You can also “tube roll” the two Mera Ceti 6SN7 tubes to “fine-tune” the particular sound quality that you like. This is how you’ll “fine-tune” your amplifier to sound like what you want and your room projects, and it is a joy compared to using a solid-state amp that can’t vary.

What Do You Do If You Want More Bass And More Body?

You can purchase a 2nd Class D amp with volume control if you want more bass. The two-volume controls (one on each amp) will match the 300B and the Class D amps’ volumes. Using its remote volume control capability, the Bricasti DAC will output the balanced and unbalanced signals to each of the two amps and adjust the main volume for both. The M3 will play its single-ended RCA and XLR outputs simultaneously, so there is no problem doing this. You only need to adjust the volume of both amps initially. That’s why you need a volume control included within each amp.

The OGYs are transparent since they use a single-driver speaker without a crossover. You no longer hear the voicing of the crossover the speaker designer typically uses. The most significant benefit is that every designer is different, and their creation might not be what you want. Instead of being lassoed into a designer’s tuning of your speakers, you will listen precisely to what your system can do – good or bad. The sound quality can be thin and unattractive when using a solid-state amp. However, the sound quality can be rich, full-bodied, and emotionally satisfying when using a good tube amp. The 300B tube amp is a perfect combination for the OGYs and has the correct output power. Use a class D solid-state amp for the BOBs. If you use both, you will have the finest you can obtain using two completely different designs within your one audio system.

Here is a photo of a 300B amp like the one I’m building. When it’s done, I’ll replace this photo with my build and explain why I built it the way I did.

Continue Forward & Biamp The OGYs And Add The 12″ Open Baffle Bass Bob Units To Broaden The Low Frequencies (Bass Augmentation For The Main System)

Suppose you decide to bi-amp using a 300B tube amp (that puts out eight w/ch) for the OGYs combined with a more powerful Class D solid state amp (that puts out maybe 100 – 250 w/ch Class D) for the BOB open baffle bass speakers. You can adjust the volume control on each amp so the 300B and Class D amps play well together. Then, you can adjust the main volume using your Bricasti DAC.

I’ll recommend a couple of volume-controlled Class D amps you can use as I receive them and examine their sound quality for this use.

The BOBs come with an external inductor that limits the 12″ bass augmentation so it does not play higher than 125 Hz. You can connect your Class D amp here while you connect your good speaker cables to your pair of OGYs. Adding two BOBs per channel (left and right) to your audio system simultaneously adds even more body for your OGYs and extends the bass augmentation below the 125 Hz crossover point. This system sounds excellent (one of the best you can create). You can use a low-cost Class D amp as your 2nd amp for the bass augmentation. Bass isn’t as fussy as the midrange and treble regions, but it needs to be fast and tight with plenty of power, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with the right Class D power integrated power amp.

The 12″ open baffle bass each BOB produces doesn’t overload your room nodes like a subwoofer and is made by the same company that builds the OGY single drivers (EMS out of France). Bass augmentation done this way is much better than integrating a subwoofer with a fast, quick bookshelf speaker. That doesn’t work.

Integration has never worked for me (no matter how much I spent on the subwoofer system, including using an expensive electric analog crossover unit to get things right). This bass augmentation approach works and sounds like an excellent floor-standing speaker without the size and weight I usually expect. But it’s even better. The OGYs are front-ported, single-driver transmission designs, and the BOBs are open-baffle designs. Combining both designs gives you the best of both worlds (with bass that doesn’t excite room nodes) and a reasonable combined efficiency level of 91-92db. Also, placement is a lot easier using these two different systems as one audio listening system.

Closer Acoustics Three Stacked BOB Speakers With OGYs On Stands

A Pair Of Corian Clad Ogys On Stands Along SIde Three BOB’s Stacked


I’ve just shared how to assemble this system one step at a time, going from an affordable 300B amp solution to one requiring more money and using two amplifiers (one for the OGYs and one for the BOBs). My recommendations accommodate the affordable audiophile and the most healed audiophile who wants the “best sound” at any price.

This system doesn’t cost that much even when fully maxed out and surpasses many systems that cost much more. What’s also nice about this system is that you do not need to give up anything other than possibly upgrading your 300B tube amp to a higher level (if you started at a budget level). Other than that, everything is purchased once and kept.

Do Cables & Tube Selection Make A Difference & Increase Your Enjoyment Of Music Playback?

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A resounding YES! And Here’s why . . .

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Speaker Cables, Interconnects & Tubes

If you want high-quality, low-cost speaker wires and interconnects, I recommend the T14 speaker cables available from DHLabs and their interconnects as a low-cost option. The speaker cables can be bulk cables without a connector on either end and just raw cable wire that you terminate yourself. The interconnects will need to be RCA-connector-based, and I can recommend what to use with this system.

If you want the best, use what I’m using: the DHLabs Diety speaker cables and their pure silver interconnects. That approach will cost you considerably more but provides the best sound quality.

I’m a dealer for DHLabs (as well as other companies) and can help you acquire what you might need. In addition, I’m a Furutech dealer and recommend using their power cables with their right-angle power plugs. This combination isn’t their most expensive but probably provides the best audio quality and flexibility for the money spent. More about that as you assemble a system since wires are used to fine-tune a system after tubes are chosen. The key here is to use all the same company’s power cables in your system. Interconnects can vary, but power cables should all be the same.

I sell the most excellent-sounding cables as part of my customers’ audio systems, but I won’t recommend the most expensive. Spending money isn’t needed to create the sound quality you desire. I tune an audio system for your preferences and environment and don’t inventory or sell cables separately. My cable recommendations are used only for those building my recommended systems.

Tubes are also a tuning mechanism; personal preference and affordability are critical when doing this. NOS tubes can be expensive, and I purchase tubes like this for my system IF I can find them and the price isn’t too high. Swapping tubes becomes a pleasure since you can “tune” your audio system precisely to your preferences; everyone is different. More about this through my contact with you if you become a customer.