Bricasti Factory Tour

Located At 2 Shaker Rd, Bldg N

Shirley, MA 01464

The following photos were taken when I was at the Bricasti factory. They will illustrate some of the machines and areas they use. They also build everything you find in their products. The factory is in Shirley, MA, about 45 minutes from my studio. One of the owners of Bricasti lives in Medford, MA, and I’ve visited him at his home and listened to his finished products through his Tidal floor-standing speakers. Brian knows what he’s doing, and Bricasti’s customer service is 2nd to none. It’s the best I’ve ever experienced. Enjoy the tour!

I didn’t realize it, but I didn’t photograph the assembly area where all the workers sit and put together all the Bricasti products. This is in building N (you can see this building in the background of the last photo I’m including). The CNC equipment is in another building across the parking lot. Sorry about that. The parts are built by the CNC machines, and assemblies are put together, but not whole units until they are purchased or someone builds a small number for inventory in building N.

You can see, however, that Bricasti is a serious company and knows what they’re doing from what I’ve already included. It’s nice to find them in the United States and able to build any part needed for any of their old units that might need servicing. They can manufacture anything and do (all of their buttons, plaques, etc., that others purchase from outside companies). You can send something really old that they built and have it repaired. Any part needed can be re-created since they build everything they use. Try to do that with a Far Eastern source. I dare you.

This is why I guard my dealership with Bricasti and abide by their dealer agreement. It’s a privilege to be associated with them.