Miscellaneous Tubes For LIO Tubestage

I’m selling a number of beautifully matched pairs of various “6922 family” tubes that I do not need. Prices are all below market value. All work extremely well in the Vinnie Rossi LIO and are perfect for those of you who would like to explore some of the better LIO tube flavors. All tubes have been tested and matching confirmed using my Amplitrex AT100 tube tester. Add 3.5% to my prices if you desire to your PayPal for payment. Bank cashier’s check and postal money orders are acceptable too.

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2 Matched pair of TRIPLE cryo’d Cr4yoset 6922 Gold Lion (new production):

I paid $114.99/matched pair from Cryoset
My selling price = $90 per Amplitrex matched pair
Plus $6.45 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

Tube 1:
Plate 1 – GM12.50/12.16
Plate 2 – GM 12.50/12.10

Tube 2:
Plate 1 – GM12.50/12.04
Plate 2 – GM 12.50/12.15

Please let me know if you might be interested in any of these tubes. I’ve just tested them using my Amplitrex AT1000 and the test results are listed above. These Gold Lion ECC88/6922 Gold Pin are hand selected matched tubes and triple cryo’d! After the selection process they go though a series of cryogenic processes (multiple cycles) that improves their performance even more than the normal single stage cryo treatment. These are the best of the best.

After the cryo treatments the tubes are given a 24 hour burn-in, verified and matched on a Maxi Preamp Digital Tube Analyzer before shipping from Cryoset. When I received them, I tested them one more time on my Amplitrex tube tester. These are superb tubes and much better than the stock tubes that come without critical testing, matching, and triple cryo treatment.


Contact Me If You Might Be Interested