Microphone Preamplifiers



I’ve used many microphone preamps and my favorite is the Grace m201mk2. This is a 2 channel preamp that is clean and beautiful sounding. With either external hardware or ITB plugins, I can get my recorded files to sit perfectly in most any mix that I’m working on.

I appreciate this preamplifier a lot since the chassis has plenty of space to place the two channels of preamplifier and the power supply. Getting the power supply away from the sensitive preamplifiers is one of the best things you can do when designing a piece of equipment like this. Even though my next favorite microphone preamplifier is the Grace M501mk2, I still favor the 2 channel m201mk2 due to the extra space provided in the chassis. I also like this preamplifier better than the m501 since the power supply in this chassis is better than what is provided in a lunchbox chassis.

You simply cannot do better than the m201mk2 component and is what I use for recording. If you need more than 2 channels, purchase more than one.

Grace M501mk2 High Fidelity Microphone Preamplifier

If you need 8 channels of microphone preamplifier, this is a serious consideration. The flexibility and sound quality are excellent. Even though I prefer using the m201mk2 (2 channel version) I would use this component when recording a large venue with many microphones.


Grace M501 Microphone Preamplifier

Yes, the preamplifier section of this 500 series preamp module is the same as the two larger brother Grace preamps with internal power supplies. However, the power supplies and chassis layouts in the two larger units are worth considering over a 500 series module. If you have already gone the 500 series route, this is the preamplifier to use for recording superb audio. If not, consider purchasing the m201mk2.