Vinnie Rossi LIO Harbeth Synergy

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Incredible LIO & Harbeth Synergy!

[/x_text][x_gap size=”30px”][/x_column][/x_row][x_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” bg_color=”” style=”margin: 0px auto 0px auto; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; “][x_column bg_color=”” type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; “][x_text]I was initially very surprised to discover that the Vinnie Rossi LIO and any of the five different Harbeth speaker models provide an incredible audio reproduction SYNERGY that I’ve never experienced before with any previous audio system. This synergy is so incredibly good that I now consider the LIO and a pair of Harbeth speakers the ultimate value in audio today. Synergy! Synergy! Synergy! It’s simply amazing!!!


I’ve Not Experienced Synergy Like This Before[x_gap size=”.5em”]

I have been purchasing and selling high-end commercial components and have also have been building my own high-end custom gear for many years (solid state, tube as well as many speaker designs). I have spent a ton of money trying to match difficult components and using power cables and interconnects to improve my audio quality. Every system has been extremely component and cable specific. One change and the whole house of cards would come down.

Finally, I’ve discovered an audio system (the LIO) that eliminates impedance issues and other difficult problems completely, has the best clean power available anywhere, and no longer requires expensive and system specific cables to make things sound their best. In addition, the synergy that I now have when using the LIO and a pair of Harbeth speakers has far exceeded my expectations and surpasses that of all other components I’ve had the pleasure of using. The simplicity of owning one box that can contain all of the functions that I need and the fact that I no longer need to waste a substantial amount of money on wire and can invest my money where it counts takes this system way over the top for me.

I’ve Not Heard A System That Sounds This Good For All Types of Music Anywhere Near Its Price Range[x_gap size=”.5em”]

Yes, there are speakers and components that sound fantastic with small groups, solo guitar, and basic music venues. But when you ask them to play large scale orchestras, or rock, or anything big (like R&B and complex Indie) they fall apart – big time! And, the systems that can play all of the genre’s sound impressive but lack that important emotional connection to the music. It’s been a tough battle to find the synergy and emotional appeal that I’ve been desiring and a solution that I can listen to without listener’s fatigue. I know. I’ve owned those varied systems and love them where they shine.

However, the LIO plays so “clean” since it has the best quality power supply I’ve ever used and when played using a pair of Harbeth speakers, the Harbeth are voiced to add the emotional appeal in the midrange area that is extremely satisfying and very “human” in its approach. This is what I’ve longed for. This is why I’ve knocked myself out to build my own money is no object high-end components. And this is what I haven’t been able to come up with myself until now. And . . . I no longer need to build it. It’s an available commercial offering from Vinnie Rossi and Harbeth.


The Harbeth speakers play most any music genre well. With this LIO / Harbeth system combination,  detail is superb, emotional appeal is excellent, midrange is gorgeous and absolutely breathtaking, and this system sounds good with all genre’s of music. What more could you ask for? This IS a very rare combination and one I’ve been searching for all of my adult life. And . . . it is unparalleled in it’s price range. I’ve finally found my personal “audio nirvana” with my LIO (with it’s transformer volume control tube stage module, MOSfet power amp module, and DAC module) and my pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers. I’m in love and I’m done searching the world over for the best sounding audio system. I now own it!

One of the Best Cost to Benefit Combinations in Audio Today![x_gap size=”.5em”]

You simply cannot go wrong if you purchase a LIO and then match it to a pair of Harbeth speakers. It is one of the safest purchases in audio today. No, it isn’t inexpensive. Yet, it is affordable by most any audiophile if they take their time and acquire this system step by step until it’s complete. You’ve heard the old saying: “It’s the journey and not the getting there that makes things desirable.” There never has been quite anything like the flexibility contained in the LIO and to be able to purchase high-end audio, one piece at a time without needing to sell something else to make the move up.


Matching a LIO to a pair of Harbeth speakers creates one of the best price to benefit audio relationships I’ve ever experienced!

The LIO & Harbeth Super HL5 Plus is My Favorite Combination Even Though the Other Harbeth Speaker Models Sound Great Too[x_gap size=”.5em”]

Combining a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers with a LIO is the ultimate combination IMHO. But even the Harbeth P3ESR provides a superb lower cost entry level approach. The P3ESR’s easily could be an end solution if you could be satisfied with the lesser bass reproduction as compared to other Harbeth models. The Harbeth Monitor 40.2 speakers would be an ultimate esoteric purchase but I still favor the HL5+ for its sound quality and superb value! The Super HL5 Plus are my all time favorites!!!

They do not require subwoofers and have plenty of high-quality visceral bass impact that you can feel with your whole body and not just your ears or your mind. Their midrange presentation “is to die for” and is absolutely breathtaking. Vocals, piano, and stringed instruments are stunning. Their audio presentation is so good, that in my opinion, this is the fully satisfying ultimate system to beat (anywhere close to this price range) and one that you could be happy with your entire life and find yourself not desiring anything else.


The Flagship Harbeth Monitor 40.2[x_gap size=”.5em”]

The flagship Harbeth Monitor 40.2 is there for those who want to purchase the best no matter what the cost. They are larger, a bit more difficult to place in a room, and could use the optional Vinnie Rossi VR120 power amplifier to provide greater headroom and higher volume capability for playing really loud in large cavernous great rooms. If you listen in a “reasonable” sized room or even near field, the standard LIO mosfet amp is adequate to power these incredible speakers without the need to purchase the VR120 power amp. (Use the standard LIO mosfet amp with a pair of Harbeth HL5 Plus speakers and you can play louder than your ears can handle in any room. That is all you need with the HL5+!)


Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better![x_gap size=”.5em”]

However, for the price of the Monitor 40.2 speakers, you can purchase a maxed out Vinnie Rossi LIO AND a pair of Harbeth Super HL Plus speakers. That combination (in my opinion) is the best value best sound quality combination available anywhere. Yet, the 40.2 is a stunning speaker and would make an “ultimate” system if you desired that kind of quality and could afford it. There is no right or wrong only cost/benefit choices with Vinnie’s components combined with Harbeth speakers.

The Monitor 40.2 is an incredible choice when compared to other manufacturer’s alternatives in this more rarified price range. What’s even more amazing is that it’s still inexpensive compared to what you have to spend to exceed it’s sound quality with alternative speakers. It’s all about the amount of money you desire to spend. If you are value oriented, consider my own favorite combination. I love the sound quality of my Super HL5 Plus speakers and have no desire to upgrade to the twice as expensive Monitor 40.2’s. If the HL5+ didn’t satisfy me, I’d be looking.


Purchase a pair of Harbeth P3ESR speakers and max out your LIO first. You will gain more with this combination than you will by purchasing a more expensive pair of Harbeth speakers and another audio “front-end”. The LIO and Harbeth have a magical synergy that you won’t find with other combinations.

P3The Harbeth P3ESR

You just might find that you love this combination and don’t have much of an incentive left to spend more money. There is no doubt, the LIO (configured the way that is best for you) paired with the Harbeth HL5+ speakers make an incredible match that would satisfy even the most fanatic audiophile. This combination is so good that I can assure you, your equipment buying and selling days will be over![/x_text][/x_column][/x_row][/x_section]