Dangerous MusicAudio Components

The best combination of Dangerous Music Components consists of the Convert-2 (for your digital to analogue converter) and the Convert AD+ (for your analogue to digital converter). Because you still need to control volume and the Convert-2 volume knob is a carbon pot, you really need to include a volume control that eliminates the severe downfall that a carbon pot provides. To also provide the ability to use up to 3 different monitors and a single subwoofer system (switchable to any of the 3 monitor systems) plus other benefits (headphone output, input switching etc. adding the Monitor-ST provides all of these additional features.

Add the Monitor-ST after you can afford both the Convert-2 and Convert-AD+ and you have a world class 3 component front end solution that will compete with any high end studio. Sound quality will be the absolute best and provided flexibility will be superb. You can continue mixing and mastering your recorded audio “ITB” (inside your computer using plugins) or you can begin to expand the audio processing using external components that are connected to additional Dangerous Music components (see recommended components below). Contact me for additional information and to discuss your own system needs. I’ll be glad to help you design an excellent recording and upgrade path.

(By the way, if you’re an audiophile without an interest in recording, the Convert-2 with a superb volume control solution is an excellent solution! I can provide you with a total solution recommendation for this application if you’re interested.)

I’ve owned over 30 DACs in the last 5 years and this DAC, the Convert-2, is one of my favorites for listening to music using high quality speakers and a separate power amplifier to power them. I currently use a pair of DIY NXstudio monitors that are placed on top of a pair of commercial M&K subwoofers and powered using a Neochrome Modulus-286 power amplifier. The sound quality is 2nd to none and is much higher than the total cost of the components as compared to other solutions. Placement isn’t fussy like other open baffle solutions and this solution will work in small rooms, medium sized rooms, and large rooms (if not played at super high volumes). Mixing, Mastering, and Music Listening is beautiful and this component solution is currently my highest recommendationfor both pro audio use or audiophile listening.

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Using a D-BOX+

With A Universal Audio Interface

If you already own a Universal Audio interface, consider expanding its audio quality and usefulness by combining it with the Dangerous Music D=Box+. No, this combination doesn’t provide as good a sound quality result as the Convert-2/Monitor-ST/Convert-AD+ combination, but it is a really good solution and costs less than purchasing the Dangerous Music separates. You can use a lower cost UA twin or one of the rack mountedX versions – your choice and budget. I don’t sell the Universal Audio interfaces but do sell all of the Dangerous Music components. Grace Design provides the best microphone preamps in my opinion and is what I sell and is better than the microphone preamps in the UA products. I definitely prefer the two grace preamps with their own internal power supply (m201mk2 two channel or m801mks eight channel). Contact me for additional information and to discuss your own system needs. I’d really enjoy helping you create an upgrade path that works for your needs.


If you’re interested in using analog gear outside of your computer, you can begin with the D-Box+ and use its 8 outputs to get started. However, the ideal situation would be to use the 2 Convert units and the Remote-ST as your front end first. Then add the additional Dangerous Music components that you will need as you can afford them. The first to add would be the 2-BUS+. That component would allow you to have 8 outputs to connect external gear. You’ll also need 8 channels of DAC conversion and that would require the purchase of the Convert-8 8 channel DAC. Then you will need as many recording channels as you would like. That would require purchasing a Convert-AD+ for every 2 channels that you want to add. Beyond using these components you then add flexibility as needed (i.e. Liaison, etc) to create a world class tracking, mixing, and mastering system. The Dangerous Music compressor and equalizer components are some of the best you can obtain and definitely are worth purchasing over just using ITB plugins. These additional components are listed below. Contact me for additional information and to discuss your own system needs.

With the 2-BUS+ and the Convert-8 components in hand, you can now go out to external gear and use the additional available Dangerous Music components to expand your recording studio into a full blown commercial venture. The only item you would want to purchase in addition to these components would be external microphone preamps for each channel you would like to record. The Grace m801mk2 eight channel preamp will work remarkably well with this studio setup and perfectly match the 8 channels provided by the 2-BUS+ and Convert-8 combination.

Chris Muth – Co-founder & Equipment Designer of Dangerous MusicC0-