Acoustic Treatment For Your Room

Whether you’re using your room for audio listening or recording (or both), doing good acoustic treatment is probably even more important than acquiring high-end audio components – doing that and also acquiring a superb power conditioner is where you should invest your first serious money when building a really good audio system.

Everything that you hear is a function of how your speakers/monitors integrate with your room and how good your AC power actually is. If these two things aren’t done well, your audio system really isn’t critically important. In most cases, you’ll just be throwing good money out the window since no matter how much you spend on components, you won’t be able to truly hear them for what they can produce. Get your room in good shape acoustically and make sure you have really good AC power and your options become much better. With an acoustically treated room in combination with a good power conditioner, you can begin to acquire really superb equipment and use it to provide the quality of audio that you’re looking for.

Most power conditioners do more harm than good and there are very few that I would use. The Isotek conditioners that I’m recommending are some of the absolute best. Acoustical treatment that you’ll be doing can be purchased from many different manufacturers (I use all of the name brands) and you can build your own if you want to save money and DIY. I can help you weigh these various options.

I’ve built several recording studios (as a licensed home builder in Michigan before moving to Boston, MA) and have worked with excellent recording engineers to learn how to put a really good recording studio together. If you have a smaller space but are interested in getting the most from what you have, let me help you by providing a good knowledge based consultation and a solid measuring of your room. Once you understand how to approach treating your space, you’ll be much better off. Maybe you can’t afford to do what’s needed all at once, but at least you’ll have a plan and be able to receive the greatest benefit for money spent. I can help you with the acquisition of various audio components as well as providing the initial consultation required to multiple your efforts.

However, the coronavirus has changed my business plan for awhile. Currently, I’m not going out to do the consultations that I originally had planned. However, by sometime this summer (2021) I expect this to change and it will be safer do this kind of work. I’m waiting until I’m fully vaccinated and also waiting for when things have settled down enough to be around other people that I don’t know. Meanwhile, I can help you considerably with phone consultations and equipment acquisition questions and needs that you might have. Feel free to contact me if you would like my opinion and to utilize some of the vast experience that I’ve acquired through building many audio components and by designing and building numerous audio spaces – both for recording and for listening.

The example page that I have linked below will take you to the Vicoustic website where you can view several really good videos that provide excellent information about doing proper room treatment. You do not need to purchase their solutions unless you want to. That’s not why I’ve included this link. It actually does really well to understand what’s going on and how to approach setting up good audio space for either studio use or home theater. I also work with Acoustimac, Gik Acoustics, and can provide DIY solutions (if you’re willing to put in some work instead of all money) depending upon your budget and your quality desired and various design considerations.

If you’re trying to do the most for the least, get a really good room acoustic analysis done to determine exactly what is needed. There simply is no substitute for that and this is the first thing you should do. Do not depend upon heresy and off the hip supposed solutions you might find online. You really need to have a professional analysis done. Once completed, then choose your desired solutions depending upon your budget and goals.

I not only can help you with all of this but can work with you to provide custom pricing solutions for components, room treatment, power conditioning and all the other vehicles that you might need. I’m also willing to provide the resources for purchasing your own DIY items if that’s what you want.

Even though I’m held back by industry manufacturer pricing requirements (for many of the commercial products that I represent), I can use my own consultation fees as a means to lower your prices compared to what other sellers can provide. I can’t advertise what I’ll end up doing but I can assure you that you won’t find a better and more educated source to work with. I don’t have a high overhead to cover and can easily share my decades of experience of building components and doing audio design work. I’ve built and sold audiophile gear (both retail and my own OEM), built recording studios, and am available to work with you to create a really great home studio or audiovisual solution. I do know what I’m doing and I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you to accomplish some of your goals. Work with me and I’ll work with you. Your resulting monetary outlay should be less than if you did this totally on your own without my help.

Check out this page at the Vicoustics website. This is a starting point for gaining a superb room analysis for your space:

Room Treatment Examples: