Reflector 6N23P – Chrome Pin
Made In Russian Reflector Factory In 1984
*Unused – NOS – Rare*
Long Life Military Quality
(Rated for well over 5,000 Hours)
Amplitrex Tested
$100/Matched Pair
(5 Matched Pair Available)


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For Harbeth speakers (and many others), I prefer the 6N23P tube built in the Reflector plant in 1984. I’ve purchased a ton of both the Reflector tubes as well as the Voshkod tubes in date ranges from the 1970’s, the 1980’s, and the 1990’s. Some are really good but most are just average. My absolute favorite for the LIO is the 6N23P Reflector plant tube from 1984. It is more linear and better sounding over the entire frequency range than any other tube I’ve tried in the LIO.

Please realize that other people’s reviews of the 6N23P family tubes are only appropriate for the equipment that they used them in for their review. Also, few have had the opportunity to listen to 1984 minted tubes. There is a major positive difference between these and other years.

This specific 6N23P tube that I’m recommending here is perfect for the Vinnie Rossi LIO paired with any of the 5 Harbeth speaker models. This is an “ultimate” tube set for that audio component combination. Vinnie’s MOSFET amp already has a more friendly sound quality than a typical solid state amp, and by adding his AVC/tubestage module, you end up with a combination that sounds like one of the best detailed and transparent solid state amps paired with one of the best tube preamps to add the missing 2nd harmonic distortion warmth that a solid state only system doesn’t have. However, tube preamps that provide this kind of audio quality typically cost in the $10,000 to $20,000 range. The entire fully decked out LIO costs much less than that and is an incredible bargain compared to purchasing other high-end high-priced alternatives.

These chrome pin 6N23P tubes from 1984 have a transparency and a uniform frequency spectrum yet deliver a nuance that only a tube can provide. There is no overemphasis in any frequency area like we typically use tubes to provide to correct deficiencies in our speaker systems. The LIO without a tube stage is very linear. The LIO with this 6N23P tube pair in a LIO tube stage is still linear but now has an even more beautiful presentation when coupled with a pair of Harbeth speakers. This is an ideal combination!

Harbeth’s already have a beautiful midrange. It’s probably why anyone who owns a pair of Harbeth keeps them or comes back to them after a buy and sell frenzy. They’re unlike other speakers and are so easy to listen to yet detail is superb. My HL5+ are the most musically satisfying speakers that I’ve ever owned.

A LIO and a pair of Harbeth are (in my opinion) the most perfectly matched set of audio components anywhere near their price range. I’ve heard my Harbeth’s with other high quality solid state amps but there’s something about the LIO that just exudes perfection when used with Harbeth speakers. Combine a LIO with an AVC/tubestage and a pair of Harbeth HL5+ speakers and you’ve got a sound quality that competes with systems many times their price point. I’m shocked at how good this combination is as well as with the entire Harbeth speaker line when used with Vinnie’s LIO.

Purchase A Pair of These Amplitrex Matched Tubes While They’re Available

A pair of these Amplitrex tested and matched factory spec’d 6N23P Reflector tubes built in 1984 is my most favorite tube set with any of the Harbeth speakers. If you own a pair of Harbeth and Vinnie’s LIO, do yourself a favor and purchase a pair while you can. After these pairs are sold, there won’t be anymore.

These tubes are difficult to find in factory spec unused condition. I’ve purchased over 25 pair to come up with the 10 matched pair that I’m selling. My initial purchase price for each initially matched pair was a little over $60. I haven’t calculated my actual cost in assembling the superior 10 pair that I’m selling but I know it’s well over the price that I’m asking. Over time, these tubes will continue to become more valuable and totally disappear so once again, just like the Mullard CV2492 tubes that I’m selling, these too are collector’s items. Buy them while you can. You won’t be sorry.