The Ideal Tubes For This 45 Amplifier

Emission Labs 45 Solid Plate or Mesh Tube Pair

If you’re into a more hallucinogenic tone color with heightened contrast (image pop) the mesh EML45 plate tube will be the best. However, its a bit looser all around, fluffier and a tad more voluptuous. This makes the bass registers less damped.

The solid plate is the more even and linear tube and is excellent, especially for rhythmically convoluted and hard-hitting large scale music. 

The mesh plates highlight unexpected elements of your sonic mix and are the “trippier” valve of the two. Both are good and either could satisfy anyone who owns them. Which one should you purchase? My advice is both so you can change tube style depending upon your mood.

Grant Fidelity Treasure Globe 6SN7SE Tube Pair

This 6SN7 type tube is the most linear I’ve heard and beats any of the NOS 6SN7 tubes that I have used. However, your 45 tube amp needs to be really good to use them. When I used these in the Alan Eaton 45 (a really excellent sounding amplifier particularly at its low cost) this tube did not work at all. It sounded terrible. One of the best tubes for Alan’s amp was the regular RCA 6SN7GT tubes that Alan also likes in his amps.

When I put these Treasure Globe tubes in my upgraded amplifier (the same circuit that Alan uses in his low cost alternative) they ended up being the best of all tubes I tried. That tells me that this tube is excellent but requires superb quality parts and a really great circuit. The circuit design for this amplifier is excellent and now the parts quality is top notch and its the combination of both that makes this amp superb. You simply cannot do better. However, you can shift and change the tone depending upon your listening room, your speakers, and your personal preferences by changing your pair of 6SN7 tubes. If you do, you not be disappointed with my upgraded amplifier. Use it with a pair of EML 45 tubes (mesh or solid plate or both) and the NOS 6AX7GT rectifier tube. Then change your 6SN7 tubes to do your “fine tuning”.

NOS 6AX5GT Rectifier Tube

It may not look the part but this rectifier is now my favorite. I’ve tried the 5U4G type tubes in the amp that I’ve built for myself (I have to change the secondaries from 6.3V to 5V to use this tube) and the 6AX5GT is still better. It has just the right voltage drop and sound quality for this 45 tube amp. I’m going back to the 6AX5GT in my own personal amp. The power transformer doesn’t really change your sound quality (if its well built) and your rectifier tube controls the voltage drop and current applied to the tubes but other than that, there isn’t a benefit to spending a huge amount of money on a rectifier tube. Its the voltage drop and the current that determines your ultimate sound quality. This 6AX5GT is one of the best and you will simply not need to change it. At its low cost, this is a serious benefit for any end user.