An Ideal Audio System

With Neochrome Solid State Power Amp, Inspire KT88 Tube Power Amp, Neumann KH310 Active Monitors & M&K Active Subwoofers

Play 3 Speaker Pairs With The  1 Subwoofer Pair Using the Dangerous Music Monitor ST Remote Controller

Mix, Master, and Listen Using The Same System – 3 Listening Alternatives

iMac Pro (With Logic & Final Cut Pro)

Dangerous Music Convert-2 DAC

Dangerous Music Monitor-ST Controller

Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ ADC

DIY Neochrome Modulus 286 Power Amplifier

KT88 Power Amplifier

Neumann KH310 Active Speakers

Isotek Sigmus Power Conditioner

DIY NX Studio Passive Monitors

On Top Of An M&K X Series Subwoofer

(cabinet flatpack + woofer/tweeter/crossover kit)


Sennheiser HD800S Headphone


Neumann U87 Ai Microphone W/Vibration Mount