Pavane CV181 – TII (2A3)
New Grade A Matched Pair

I was building a 2A3 custom tube amp and I ordered a number of pair of these tubes. This is a brand new, unused pair that is left and I’m putting it up for sale. My favorite 2A3 tube for my own custom built high-end amp is the Emissions Labs 2A3 Mesh tubes. My 2nd favorite is this tube, the Psvane CV181-TII. From a cost standpoint, these are the absolute best value. I paid over $300 for this pair and am selling the pair for $190 plus shipping cost. These are beautifully built and have the teflon bases and gold pins. You cannot go wrong with this tube in your 2A3 amp. Buy this pair and try them. I know you’ll love them.

These come in beautiful factory boxes with foam inserts. I tested them on my own Amplitrex 1000 tube tester, and these are the most closely matched tubes I have ever bought.

My cost for this matched pair was $290 plus shipping cost. I’m willing to sell these incredible tubes at a loss. My asking price is $190 per matched pair plus $13.45 for USPS Priority mail shipping using the USPS medium sized flat rate box with plenty of protective cushioning. If you desire to use PayPal, add 3.5% to the total cost.

My selling price w/o PayPal is $203.45 (incl shipping cost)
(Bank cashier’s check or postal money order accepted)

My selling price using PayPal is $210.57 (incl shipping cost)

Contact Me If You Might Be Interested

The Psvane CV181 – TII tube is an upgraded Shuguang Treasure CV181Z. Here is a link to a review done by Mark Wheeler regarding the less quality CV181Z version of this tube. The Psvane has an even better teflon base and higher level factory specs. Both are similar with the Psvane even better: